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Progressive Web Apps are becoming a new standard for mobile e-Commerce and a promising solution for rapid development. We gathered the 10 best examples of PWA implementations and analyzed their results. Most observed impressive conversion-rate growth, application-weight reduction, and an increase in number of users. 

Monika Wąs

Tech Writer

Jan 22, 2019

TOP 10 eCommerce PWAs

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2. Jumia

Leading e-Commerce website in Africa.
Traffic: 5.6M (monthly).
Data-heavy mobile app, poor connectivity. 

Results after PWA implementation: 

  • 33% higher conversion rate 
  • 50% lower bounce rate 
  • 12x more users vs. native apps (Android & iOS) 
  • 5x less data used

1. AliExpress

Marketplace offering products to international online buyers.
Traffic: 666.50M (monthly).
Issue: Low number of mobile-app downloads, low engagement.

Results after PWA implementation: 

  • 104% new users across all browsers 
  • 82% increase in iOS conversion rate 
  • 2x more pages visited per session per user across all browsers 
  • 74% increase in time spent per session across all browsers
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3. Alibaba

World’s largest online B2B trading platform.
Traffic: 155.6M (monthly). 
Issue: Difficulties with engagement on the mobile web. 

Results after PWA implementation:  

  • 76% higher conversions across browsers 
  • 14% more monthly active users on iOS 
  • 30% more monthly active users on Android 
  • 4x higher interaction rate from Add to Homescreen

4. Flipkart

India's biggest e-Commerce marketplace.
Traffic: 258.4M (monthly).
Issue: Needed a user experience that is as fast and engaging as a mobile app. 

Results after PWA implementation: 

  • 3x more time spent on site 
  • 40% higher re-engagement rate 
  • 70% greater conversion rate among those arriving via Add to Homescreen 
  • 3x lower data usage

5. Make My Trip

Leading travel company.
Traffic:  43.3M (monthly).
Issue: Low number of mobile-app downloads, difficulties with building. engagement.

Results after PWA implementation: 

  • 3x improvement in conversion rate 
  • 38% improvement in page load times 
  • 160% increase in shopper sessions

6. Wego

Travel search engine based in Singapore.
Traffic:  4.0M (monthly)
Issue: General performance improvement, transition into PWA.

Results after PWA implementation: 

  • 12% increase in organic visits 
  • 38% improvement in page load times 
  • 160% increase in shopper sessions 

7. Trivago

One of the world’s leading hotel search engines.
Traffic:  1.7M (monthly)
Issue: More users access site on mobile, but do not download the app.

Results after PWA implementation: 

  • 150% increase in engagement 
  • 97% increase in clickouts to hotel offers for PWA users 
  • 67% of users who come back online continue browsing the site 

8. George

UK clothing brand, part of ASDA Walmart.
Traffic: 733.9K (monthly).
Issue: Unsatisfactory customer experience around mobile shopping.

Results after PWA implementation: 

  • 3.8x faster average page load time
  • 2x lower bounce rate 
  • 31% increase in conversion rate 
  • 20% more page views per visit

9. Book My Show

UK clothing brand, part of ASDA Walmart.
Traffic: 59.2M (monthly)
Issue: High bounce rates due to slow page load and unsatisfactory user experience. 

Results after PWA implementation: 

  • 80%+ increase in sessions per user 
  • 54x ad-viewability increase 
  • 180x improvement in scroll depth 
  • <2.94s load time (and enables checkout within 30s) 

10. Pure Fromulas

Leader in the online health and supplement space, one of the fastest-growing e-tailers in the U.S.
Traffic:  776.6K (monthly).
Issue: Mobile page load and the checkout process were too slow.

Results after PWA implementation: 

  • 23% higher revenue per visit on the PWA 
  • 14% increase in conversion rate 
  • 9% increase in average order value