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Storefront Cloud is a mobile-first platform enabling retailers to build online stores with app-like user experiences through Progressive Web Apps (PWA), leading to a dramatic boost in conversions and revenue.

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A different brand experience across different channels brings additional costs and lowers revenue.

Separate apps for different browsers and platforms

Expensive development, maintenance, and updates

Launching cost and time depends on the App Stores

Long time to market

Problems with updates and outdated versions

Risky migrations and deployments


Storefront Cloud

Full alignment across all marketing touchpoints, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

One app across all browsers and platforms

Save up to 75% on development costs

No App Store submissions or rejections

Ready to launch in just 60 days

Always up-to-date with the latest version

Easy to integrate through API, no IT risk

Mobile-first eCommerce platform for rapid growth

Storefront Cloud Platform combines features offered by modern browsers with the benefits of native mobile applications to give your business a revenue lift.

Powered by:

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Drive mobile revenue

Mobile traffic share is rapidly increasing and has become the main growth driver. With Storefront Cloud, you can build mobile-first commerce in just 60 days and drive long-term revenue streams through immediate improvements.

Boost your site speed while decreasing the bounce rate

Deliver mobile-first experience for social media mobile traffic

Ensure the best shopping experience to grow conversion rates

Bounce rate


Conversion rate




Best Practices





During the buyer’s journey, users move from one channel to another and it’s crucial to keep your brand experience consistent. Storefront Cloud makes this possible, with many additional benefits.

Increase brand awareness

Home screen 
Let customers save your website on their home screens

Push notifications
Stay in touch with customers, upsell and cultivate loyalty.

Organic search
Make your store friendly for Google search engines and thus for customers

Don’t delay revenue growth by focusing on your backend first. With Storefront Cloud you can get significant business value in just 60 days, without making changes to your backend. 

Reduce IT risk

Easy integration
Ready to connect with your backend systems through API

Cloud instance
No need to deal with development, operations and hosting

Smooth updates
Update once for all devices without submitting to the App Stores

iOS & Android

Voice commerce

Desktop & tablets

eCommerce platforms

Business software

3rd-party integrations

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Patrick Friday
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How does it work? 

In the omnichannel era, shoppers use various devices at different stages of the user journey, from discovery to in-store purchases. Storefront Cloud helps you win by giving you a superior advantage across all channels.


Make your apps friendly for Google search engines and thus for the customers



Improve your desktop and mobile sites’ overall performance


Promote Brand

Provide a consistent brand  experience across all dev-
-ices even in offline mode


Reach Customers

Use Web Push Notifications to reach customers with new offers


Keep Them

Transfer your customers from offline to online with the Open Loyalty Platform


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In our experience, after PWA implementation the average mobile conversion rate increased by 20%. Here is how much revenue increase an online retailer with $3.5M in mobile eCommerce sales can generate.




annual return on investment

*Assumptions based on 20% average mobile increase and basic license cost

Success stories speak for themselves


increase in

Best Western

increase in
conversion rates



more time



increase in



increase in conversion rates



decrease in 
data usage



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Enterprise-Ready Features

Set of features to increase mobile conversions and build an exceptional user experience.

Take the source code, customize the template and connect it to your eCommerce.

Open source

Progressive Web App Storefront

Ready to connect through API

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Mobile-first eCommerce Platform that helps you build an engaging user experience across all devices. Improve your UX without making changes to the backend. 

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Case Studies 

Special Milano

Special Milano, the Italian fashion retailer needed to enchant their customers with a unique user experience while shopping online. To do so, they decided to come up with proof-of-concept for the Progressive Web App Storefront of their online store.

Made by

The Hour Glass

The Hour Glass, one of Asia’s luxury-watch retail groups wanted to engage their customers, with a Nomos Watch series limited offer. With their products, content and styling, they developed a product site on a PWA Storefront.

Made by

La Nature

The La Nature team wanted to challenge the jewelry fashion industry with a brand new webshop design. They launched a fully responsive PWA storefront that was, easy to modify without disturbing the backend logic systems.

Made by

The technology used in Storefront Cloud is developed to empower leading eCommerce brands. See how implementing technologies like Progressive Web Apps can help achieve business goals and increase user experience!

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